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Are you behind your screen all day long ?

Install your webcam at the office : your fans can even watch you during your work hours !

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Drawings, cartoons, illustrations, paintings...

You are an artist on paper, on silk or on a digital tablet : during a two-way webcam session you can draw your fans live !

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Live in the kitchen !

You are an amazing chef, you know many culinary, exotic, specialties : make our mouths water !

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Become a teacher via webcam !

Help with homework, certain courses, discussing diffferent subjects, preparing for exams.

You can help your fans succeed in the educations.

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A live show from your home.

Host your very own show, you are passionate about your life, create new activities and new games for your fans, they will follow you everywhere !

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Hard rock or classic, music soothes the soul.

The webcam gives you the chance to improvise live, or to organize music lessons live...

Why not even play along with your fans for fun !

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All about the Starz

The latest news, totally laided back, the life of stars, the world of show business : with a little bit of imagination, there are so many tasty ideas that will captivate your fans !

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The beauty secrets of Starz !

You master the secrets of make-up perfectly even after the roughest nights out ?

Share them directly from your place : more than one fan will be ravished to follow your practical advice.

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